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Public Events
  • Public Event Western city Angel

    Meeting real Native Americans at the Western city

  • Public Event Western city Angel

    Big rush at the Western city "Angel's City"

  • Public Event Western city Angel

    Leaflet of the Public Event Western city Angel's City

  • Real buffalo's head in the Saloon

  • Public Event Western city Angel

    Original cash desk in Angel's City

  • Public Event: Truck-mounted crane for the containers with the Western City

    Truck-mounted crane during the construction of the Western City by Heinz Bründl

Public event in western style

Westernstadt in Böblingen attracts over 50,000 guests

The fascination of the Wild West continues unabated and has many fans in Germany. So Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Böblingen decided to organize a real Western event instead of the annual family barbecue for the employees. What`s more: This time the whole region should be allowed to celebrate, for a full four weeks!

In addition to our event agency, several service providers were involved in this country public event.

First and foremost, the passionate collector Heinrich “Heinz” Bründl, who sent his entire Western city to Böblingen in containers. Logistically, the construction of the “Angels City” meant spending A LOT, from the new crossing through a stream for the trucks, a specially installed power line, laying over six kilometres of power cable to the installation of the water and sewage pipes.

This effort was worth it: 10,000 Hewlett Packard employees and their families marveled at stunt shows such as the saloon robbery and the appearance of real Indians. 50,000 guests over the entire duration of the event were able to experience at first-hand what the camp life of the trappers looked like, where you should sleep in a teepee or how high can-can dancers swing their skirts. Shows, activity program, live music and of course a hearty barbecue completed the public event.

Our tasks:

  • Logistics and organization
  • Approval procedures such as shortening of closing times, liquor/alcohol permits, gun permits for the live shows, etc.
  • Organization of the heavy-duty crane for the containers
  • Support of the Western City over the four-week duration of the event
  • Setting up marketing activities, promotions, press conferences…


Public Event: Maximum effort like at the Open Air for superstars? We can do it!

The acquisition and integration of sponsors, the coordination of the various skilled tradespeople, official permits, on-site organization, event and promotion personnel:

That’s what we at unity event four know about. We also protect you from the typical mistakes that happen when you hold a public event for the first time. Just tell us what you are planning – even when it is almost too late.